HCPS Textbook 5A

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in Higher Chinese for Primary School 5A.

qiějust; for a long time

yánstrict; tight

jǐngwell; something in the shape of a well

shìbe like

hurried; be close to

àoarrogant; proud and unyielding

dòngfreeze; feel very cold

láohard-working; make somebody toil

xiémake joint efforts; assist


yànswallow; hold back words or anger and not let it out.


tiánfill; supplement

marry a girl to; wife

cúnexist; store

yáncliff; rock

separate; different

yuànresentment; blame

nǎobe angry; annoyed

cherish; feel sorry for somebody

cǎncruel; disastrous

chóube anxious; melancholy


fènanger; be angry

wèiconsole; be/feel relieved

door; family

pāothrow; abandon

bànmix; quarrel

juānrelinquish; donate

pěnghold/carry something in both hands; handful

occupy; depend/rely on

tànvisit; scout

jiǎodisturb; mix

pānclimb; seek connections in high places

xiàofollow the example of; devote to

wàngprosperous; plenty

hūndusk; dim

àndark; hidden

cáitimbe; material

cūnvillage; rustic

square; lattice

coconut palm

zhǐstop; close

survey; infer

fànoffend; criminal

zhuàngform; state

single; old people without offspring

zhēntreasure; precious

téngache; love dearly

yántable salt; salt

dīngstare at

pànhope for; look

dùnshield; shield-shaped object

xiāblind; groundlessly


a sign or thing indicating number; an instrument used to indicate number

quèfirm; true

suìbreak/smash into pieces; cause to break

jìnprohibit; imprison

private; selfish

accumulate; long-standing

chéngrule; order

jìngcompete; strong

tǒngpiece of thick bamboo; thick tube-shaped object

lèicategory; resemble

gruel; stick with paste


quēlack; be incomplete

liáomerely; a little


respectful; solemn

bǎngarm; wing

yíngseek; operate




incorrect; mistake

tiáofit in perfectly; adjust

guìexpensive; of high rank

distance; be at a distance from

dòutease; provoke

meet; treat

yāoinvite; solicit

pèijoin in marriage; spouse


guōpot; bowl

chuǎngrush; incur

border; inside

footpath between/among fields; roads

jiàngdrop; reduce

separate; be at a distance from

quèsparrow; surname

dew; outside a house, a tent, having no covering above

dùnkowtow; stamp


jiāoproud; strong

bone; skeleton


níngpeaceful; pacify

scatter; spill