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  • 1

    n.eye; human or animal organ of vision or of light sensitivity

    • bì shàng yǎn

      Close your eyes.

    • tā liǎng yǎn wú shén zuò zài yǐ zi shang


      She sits in the chair with dull eyes.

    • wǒ mí yǎn le

      Something has got into my eyes.

  • 2

    n.small hole; aperture

    • bāng wǒ dǎ gè yǎn

      Help me drill a hole.

    • nǐ kàn wǒ gē bo shang de zhēn yǎn


      Look, the eye of a needle on my arm.

    • tōng guò zhè ge yǎn néng kàn dào wài miàn


      Through this hole, you can see outside.

  • 3

    n.insight; discernment

    • dú jù huì yǎn

      has mental discernment

    • yǎn gāo shǒu dī

      aims high but accomplishes little

    • nǐ zhēn shì gè yǎn qiǎn de rén

      You are such a person who have shallow insight.

  • 4

    n.trap; go term, meaning empty space in the middle of patches of black or white pieces, where an opponent has no way of manoeuvring

    • zuò yǎn

      set a trap

  • 5

    measure word(used for wells, springs or cave-dwellings)

    • liǎng yǎn jǐng

      two wells

  • 6

    n.an unaccented beat in traditional Chinese music

    • yī bǎn sān yǎn

      one accented beat and three unaccented beats in a bar

  • 7

    n.key point

    • jié gǔ yǎn

      critical juncture

Words and phrases with 眼

Word usage

  • "眼" is often matched with measure word "双"or"只".
    • one pair of eyes

    • one eye

Similar-form characters to 眼

Chinese Characters with pinyin yǎn

  • perform; drill
  • cover; close
  • overflow; extend
  • solemn; just like
  • cover; all of a sudden