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  • 1

    v.rule; administer; govern

    • tǒng zhì


    • zhì jiā

      run a household

    • zhì guó

      govern a country

  • 2

    v.treat (a disease)

    • zhì hǎo tā de shāng

      Heal her wound.

    • tā de tóu tòng zhì hǎo le


      His headache has been healed.

    • yī shēng zhì hǎo le tā de bìng


      The doctor straightened out her trouble.

  • 3

    v.regulate; control

    • zhì huái

      harness the Huai River

    • zhì shuǐ

      prevent floods by water control

    • zhì shuǐ tǔ liú shī

      control soil erosion

  • 4

    v.wipe out

    • zhì huáng

      eliminate locusts

    • zhì yá chóng


      exterminate aphids

  • 5


    • chǔ zhì


    • zhì zuì

      bring somebody to justice

    • chéng zhì


  • 6

    n.administration; seat of a formerly local government

    • shěng zhì

      provincial capital

    • fǔ zhì

      seat of government

    • xiàn zhì

      county seat

  • 7

    v.study; research

    • zhì jīng

      study classics

    • zhì xué

      pursue one's studies

    • zhì shǐ

      specialize in the history

  • 8

    adj.order; stability and peace

    • zhì shì

      peaceful and prosperous times


Words and phrases with 治

  • 治学
    [word]pursue one's studies
  • 治愈
    [word]cure/heal somebody of something
  • 治保
    [word]maintain security
  • 治国
    [word]manage state affairs
  • 治病
  • 治产
    [word]manage property
  • 治标
    [word]merely alleviate the symptoms of an illness
  • 治安
    [word]law and order
  • 治碱
    [word]combat alkalinity
  • 治国安民
    [idiom]run the state well and have people live and work in peace and contentment
  • 治国安邦
    [idiom]administer state affairs well and ensure national security
  • 治乱兴亡
    [idiom]the rise and fall of a nation
  • 治丝益棼
    [idiom]try to sort out silk threads only to tangle them further
  • 治病救人
    [idiom]cure the sickness to save the patient

Similar-form characters to 治

Chinese Characters with pinyin zhì

  • cut out/off; make
  • arrive; best
  • pawn; pledge
  • extend; cause
  • wisdom; resourceful