HSK level V

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in HSK level 5.

kuīlack; treat unfairly

chǎnyield; manufacture

dàihistorical period; era

remain;more than

hurried; be close to

dǎofall; collapse

chōngsufficient; fill

duìone of the Eight Triagrams, symbolizing "lake":; cash

línginvade; rise high

fèncomponent; what is within one's duty or rights

chuàngachieve; creative

chūinception; inceptive


xiāngcompartment; area close to a city

shàtall building; back veranda

chāfork; work with a fork


utensil; forbearance


xíngmould; type

tángdyke; pond


chǒngbestow favour on

chǐChinese unit of measurement equal to a foot or about 1/3 of a metre; ruler

屿small island


chādifference; mistake

liánflag/banner as a sign of a store or shop; screen

mat; seat

storehouse; arsenal

chèthorough; penetrate

that; the other party

dàiwait for; be about to

moral character; heart

kěnearnestly; request

bēisorrowful; be compassionate

cánfeel ashamed

kuìashamed; feel ashamed

chéngbear; undertake

cuòarrange; make plans

cāograsp; do

enemy; oppose

shīexecute; exert


declining; take the place of

jiàframe; prop up

poison; poisonous


huìconverge; gather together

chípool; moat

chéndeep; deep

survey; infer

shī湿wet; humidity

cháowet; tide

pàocannon; blastholes filled with dynamite

bǎnprinting plate; edition

single; old people without offspring

used as a component of 玻璃


stand; erect

cāocoarse; vulgar

chúnpure; purely

tǒnginterconnected system; all

biānweave; organize

chìwing; shark's fin

dāndelay; abandon oneself to

dǎngallbladder; courage

bèibody's back; back side of an object

neck; something shaped like a neck

bǎngarm; wing

zhìextend; cause

cánghide; store


repair; fill up

fǎng访consult; seek by inquiry or search

shíhave a sense of; know

dòubeans; an ancient stemmed cup or bowl


dàiborrow or lend; loan

zànsupport; assist the master of ceremonies

foot; leg

duǒavoid; go into hiding

collect; part

diction; a type of classical Chinese literature


extend; reach


zàomake; cook up

avoid; prevent

cǎipick; extract

zhènthunder; shake

méibecome mildewy

biānwhip; flog

lǐngneck; collar

zhòusuddenly; fast

guǐghost; used to form a term of abuse for ignoble character

participate in

pēnspurt; spray

chǔdwell; get along

answer; repay