HSK level V

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in HSK level 5.

línface; arrive

xiāngtownship; native place

fǎng仿resemble; imitate

bàncompanion; keep somebody company

go against

custom; vulgar

jūnarmy; army

guànput on a hat; precede

zhìcut out/off; make

lièsmall and weak; bad

huáprosperous; flashy

chǎnghouse without walls with its roof propped up by posts; depot

antiquity; a form of pre-Tang poetry

tòngused as a component of 胡同

howl; the sound of wind etc.

shànsatisfactory; virtuous

jiāgood; praise

solid; solidify

wall; wall of structure

jiācarry something under one's arm; press from both sides

woman; married woman

fánghinder; harm

husband's sister; father's sister

yīnrelationship by marriage; marriage

yùnpregnancy; pregnant

lonely; quiet

abode; imply


chéndust; this world

huànunreal; magical

qìngcelebrate; occasion for celebration

fèidecline; waste

tínghall; front courtyard/yard

wāncurved; bend

qiángpowerful; strengthen

guīgo back; return something to

record; record

ignore; suddenly



èvice; fierce

chóube anxious; melancholy

huāngflurried; unbearably

dǒutremble; shake

guǎicrutch; turn

zhǎngpalm; strike with the palm of the hand

mǐnquick; alert

dòufight; denounce

yìngshine; reflect

gòuconstruct; form

divide; analyze

guìcabinet; cashier's office

cháifirewood; hard and dry

pip; nucleus

dàngshelf; crosspiece

pattern; fine example

gōuditch; groove

fànfloat; drift out

lièintense; strong

zàodry; dryness

kuángmad; violent

xiànpresent; show

hóumonkey; clever


wángking; highest rank of nobility in feudal times

fēngmad; play wilfully

zàoblack; menial servant


gruel; stick with paste

fánmanifold; prosperous

receive; accept

fēnnumerous; chaos

huǎnrelaxed; slow

punish; punishment

muscle; skin

thigh; section

cuìfragile; fragile

fànmould; model

róngflourish; prosperous

used as a component of 蝴蝶


hem of a garment; posterity

fěngsatirize; chant

shèset up; place


háoperson of extraordinary powers or endowments; bold and unconstrained

gòngpay tribute to the court by a subject or a vassal state; articles of tribute


assist; subsidiary

pèijoin in marriage; spouse


shut; obstruct

separate; be at a distance from

gather; rural fair

leather; change

shǐspeed; sail

jiàride; drive

bone; skeleton

non-Han nationalities living in the north and west in ancient times; introduced from abroad or by ethnic groups living in northern and western parts of China

tounoun suffix; added to a word of location