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  • 1

    v.raise; keep; grow

    • wǒ jiā yǎng yǒu yī tiáo gǒu

      My family has a dog.

    • zhè ge nóng hù shì zhuān mén yǎng niú de


      This farmer specializes in raising cattle.

    • mā ma zài yuàn zi li yǎng le hěn duō huā


      Mother grows many flowers in the yard.

  • 2

    v.support; provide for

    • fǔ yǎng


    • shàn yǎng


    • yǎng jiā

      support a family

  • 3

    adj.foster; adoptive

    • yǎng fù

      foster father

    • yǎng mǔ

      foster mother

    • yǎng nǚ

      adopted daughter

  • 4

    v.rest; heal; maintain

    • bǎo yǎng


    • xiū yǎng

      cultivation of

    • liáo yǎng


  • 5

    cultivate; refine; cultivation

    • tā cóng xiǎo yǎng chéng le ài yùn dòng de xí guàn


      He has formed the habit of sports since childhood.

    • zhù rén wéi lè de xí guàn shì tā cóng xiǎo yǎng chéng de


      The habit of helping others was formed in his childhood.

    • hái zi men yào yǎng chéng zǎo shuì zǎo qǐ de zuò xī


      Children should get into a routine of keeping good hours.

  • 6

    v.give birth to

  • 7

    v.give aid to; support

  • 8

    v.wear one's hair long

Words and phrases with 养

  • 养路工
    [word]path master
  • 养肝
    [word]nourishing the liver
  • 养女
    [word]adopted/adoptive daughter
  • 养蚕
    [word]engage in sericulture
  • 养心
    [word]nourish heart
  • 养分
  • 养气
    [word]foster moral character; do breathing exercises to discipline one's temperament
  • 养成
  • 养家
    [word]raise a family
  • 养老送终
    [idiom]look after one's parents in their old age and give them a proper burial after their death
  • 养尊处优
    [idiom]enjoy high position and live in comfort
  • 养痈遗患
    [idiom]a carbuncle neglected becomes the bane of your life
  • 养精蓄锐
    [idiom]conserve strength and store up energy
  • 养生之道
    [idiom]a mode of life
  • 养儿防老
    [idiom]Parents raise children who in turn support them in old age.
  • 养虎遗患
    [idiom]appeasement brings disaster
  • 养家活口
    [idiom]earn bread for one's family
  • 养家糊口
    [idiom]earn the family's living

Similar-form characters to 养

Chinese Characters with pinyin yǎng

  • oxygen
  • face upward; admire
  • itch; itch for a try