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  • 1

    n.mistake; wrong; errors; wrongdoing

    • shì fēi

      right and wrong

    • tòng gǎi qián fēi

      thoroughly rectify one's errors

    • xí fēi chéng shì

      accept what is wrong as right when one grows accustomed to it

  • 2


    • fēi mài pǐn

      article not for sale

    • dá fēi suǒ wèn

      irrelevant answer

    • fēi qīn fēi gù

      be neither relative nor friend

  • 3

    v.object to; censure; blame

    • fēi nàn


  • 4

    v.not conform to; go against

    • fēi lǐ


  • 5

    adv.infmlimperative; have got to; simply must

    • wǒ fēi qù

      I have to go!

  • 6

    adv.un-; non-; in-; il-

    • fēi jīn shǔ



  • 7

    adj.fmlbad; degenerate; deteriorate

  • 8

    adv.used in a construction expressing the idea that if something is not "A", then it is "B"

    • fēi cǐ jí bǐ

      If something is not this, then it is that.

  • 9

    n.short for Africa

    • nán fēi

      South Africa

Words and phrases with 非

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Chinese Characters with pinyin fēi

  • fly; flutter
  • luxuriant or rich with fragrance; phenanthrene
  • imperial concubine; wife of a crown prince, king, or high official
  • red
  • fall thick and fast; flutter