Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in Business Chinese Test Course 1.

one; another

yī xià一下one time; in a short while

seven; a Chinese custom to hold a memorial service on every 7th day following a person's death until the 49th day

sānthree; more than two

xià wǔ下午afternoon

not; used to reply in the negative

used before nouns without fixed measure words of their own; used between a verb and its object

also; as well

leused to indicate anticipated or assumed action

èrdifferent; two

five; a note of the scale in gongchepu, corresponding to 6 in numbered musical notation

rénhuman being; an adult human being

jīn tiān今天today; now

jiè shào介绍introduce; recommend

he or him; other

huì yì会议meeting; council

wèiplace; position

you; one

xiān sheng先生teacher; Mister

gōng sī公司company

zài jiàn再见goodbye

lěngcold; deserted

how many; a few

chū chāi出差go/be away on official business; go away to undertake tasks in transport, construction, etc.

bànhalf; halfway

depart; be apart from in space or time

jiàocry; call

kě yǐ可以be worth; passable

míng piàn名片calling card

maparticle used at the end of an interrogative sentence; used within a sentence to mark a pause before introducing the theme of what one is going to say

baused at the end of an imperative sentence to soften the tone; indicate a suggestion, request, or order


zhōucircumference; move round

what; whichever

nǎ r哪儿where; wherever

four; note in the Chinese gongchepu scale

huícircle; turn around

guó jiā国家country; complete territory of a country

zàiexist; join or belong to an organization

zuòbe seated; be punished

tiān qì天气weather; time

tàihighest; extreme

nǚ shì女士lady

her; reference to something beloved, such as one's motherland and national flag

hǎo jiǔ好久long; how long

xìngone's surname is; surname

xué xí学习study; emulate

duì bu qǐ对不起sorry; be unworthy of

xiǎo jiě小姐young lady; sex worker

gōng zuò工作work; job


mángbusy; hurry


self; one

wǒ men我们we; I

zǎo shang早上morning

míng tiān明天tomorrow; the near future

xīng qī星期week; day of the week

shìthis; yes

wǎnevening; late

wǎn shang晚上night

péng you朋友friend; boy/girl friend

láiarrive; future

huān yíng欢迎welcome; receive favorably

hàn yǔ汉语Chinese

méi guān xi没关系doesn't matter

diǎnspot; dot stroke

hot; heat

xiàn zài现在the moment

deused to indicate a modifying and modified relationship

zhēntrue; really

zhī dào知道be aware of

mì shū秘书secretary; duties of a secretary

jīng lǐ经理manage; manager

jiànsee; meet

rèn shi认识know; understanding

qǐngrequest; invite

qǐng wèn请问excuse me, may I ask...


xiè xie谢谢thank you

guìexpensive; of high rank

zhèthis; this

zhè r这儿here; now

jìnmove ahead; get into

that; that thing

nà r那儿that place; since then

yín háng银行bank

gāo xìng高兴happy; be happy/willing/glad to

zhōng guó中国China

wèiraise; send food into the mouth of a person

rì běn日本Japan

měi guó美国the United States of America

xīng qī yī星期一Monday

xīng qī wǔ星期五Friday

zhōu sān周三Wednesday

zhōu èr周二Tuesday

zhōu sì周四Thursday

hán guó韩国South Korea


hǎogood; friendly