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    adj.difficult; hard; troublesome

    • nán bǎo

      cannot say for sure

    • hé tā jiāo péng you hěn nán


      It's hard to make friends with him.

    • nán shuō

      you never can tell

  • 2

    adj.bad; unpleasant; disagreeable; displeasing

    • nán chī

      taste bad

    • nán tīng

      sound terrible

    • nán kàn


  • 3

    v.make things difficult for somebody

    • nǐ zhè kě nán zhù wǒ le

      You've got me there.

    • zhè wèn tí yī xià zi bǎ wǒ nán zhù le


      The question put me on the spot.

    • kùn nan nán bù dǎo yīng xióng


      A hero is never put off by difficulty.

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  • Note
    When pronounced as "nán", the basic meaning of "难" is "不容易". When pronounced as "nàn", it refers to disasters, such as "遇难" and "难民"; it also means embarrassment, such as "刁难" and "责难".

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Chinese Characters with pinyin nán

  • man; son
  • south; southern part of China
  • murmur
  • nanmu; nanmu wood