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    v.express good wishes

    • zhù nǐ jiàn kāng


      I wish you the best of health.

    • zhù nǐ lǚ tú yú kuài


      Have a pleasant journey.

    • zhù dà jiā xīn nián kuài lè


      I wish everyone a happy new year!

  • 2

    v.fmlcut off

    • zhù fà wéi ní

      shave off one's hair and become a nun

  • 3

    n.Zhu, a surname

Words and phrases with 祝

  • 祝词
    [word]congratulations; prayers at sacrificial rites
  • 祝福
    [word]bless; blessing
  • 祝由
    [word]witched-doctors treating diseases by prayer
  • 祝辞
    [word]now written as 祝词
  • 祝寿
    [word]congratulate on his/her birthday
  • 祝文
    [word]congratulatory message
  • 祝融
    [word]God of Fire
  • 祝告
    [word]say one's prayers
  • 祝祷

Similar-form characters to 祝

Chinese Characters with pinyin zhù

  • live; stop
  • pour; concentrate
  • outstanding; show
  • halt; encamp
  • help