Yu Wen Grade 2(A)

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in Yu Wen Grade 2(A).

in; with regard to

zhànghold; rely/depend on

the basic five-man unit of the army in ancient China; five

like; seem

jiànhealthy; strengthen

màorise up; run a risk

wēiendanger; dying

āiah; hey

sǎngthroat; voice

shell; case

shīlose; miss

wēiimpressive strength; threaten by force

rónghold; tolerate

宿pass/spend a night; long-standing

government bureau in ancient China; mosque

xúnancient measure of length equal to about eight chi; search

shòu寿long; life

ànlofty; shore

limit; cliff

cottage; Luzhou, old name of the seat of a prefecture in present-day Hefei of Anhui Province

linear measure; degree of hardness, heat, density, humidity

kāngwell-being; broad

moral character; heart

zhìaspiration; annals

kǒngterrify; perhaps


xuánhang; announce

jīngbe frightened; alarm


throw oneself on; devote

tuōhold in the palm; some thing serving as a support

kàngresist; refuse

chōutake something out from within something else; take

pull; haul

rub; stroke

enemy; oppose

jiùrescue; help

jìngrespect; offer politely

qiāoknock; overcharge

liàomaterial; feed

clan; nationality

wàngprosperous; plenty

àndark; hidden

zhūvermilion; cinnabar

cháifirewood; hard and dry

liángroof beam; bridge

coconut palm

mínthe people; a member of a nationality

splash; rude and unreasonable

pool; lustrer

pàigroup of people with the same stand, viewpoints, work style or lifestyle; manner

húnmuddy; muddle-headed

táorinse; comb second-hand markets for something to buy

tiānadd; have a baby


catch fish; take something one is not entitled to

desert; unconcerned

swash; sharp

miègo out; extinguish

shāoburn; heat up or use certain chemicals, radioactive substances to cause changes in a substance

tàngburn; warm

shènvery; exceed

téngache; love dearly

chéngput in a container; contain

wǎnbowl; bowl-like object

zhùexpress good wishes; cut off

good fortune; make a curtsy

branch of academic or vocational study; division/subdivision of an administrative unit

lèifatigued; tire

zhōngend; die

inherit; follow

continuous; continue

kǎogive or take a test or quiz; exam

gēngplough; take up

zhìarrive; best

cāngdark green or blue; grey

mángwidespread and unclear; ignorant

jiēstreet; country fair

bèiquilt; cover

huòmoney; goods

cǎistep on; belittle

duǒavoid; go into hiding

zhuànrotate; stroll


chénfifth of the twelve Earthly Branches, used for calculating time; celestial bodies

tuì退retreat; cause to move back

fángdam; prevent

dǒusteep; suddenly

fog; fine spray of water

wánstupid; naughty

shǐspeed; sail

tuócamel; hunchbacked

luòwhite horse with a black mane, mentioned in ancient Chinese texts; a surname

jùnfine horse

lóngdragon; dragon as the symbol of the emperor

jiǎborrow; make use of

wow; creak

dàncarrying pole with loads on both ends; a unit of weight

línpour; sprinkle

lǒngenvelop; large box