Yu Wen Grade 2(A)

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in Yu Wen Grade 2(A).

qiějust; for a long time

chéngride; avail oneself of

chǎnyield; manufacture

xiānimmortal; master

fènshare; portion

shānginjury; hurt

wèiplace; position

such; he

shòuanimal; savage

fèncomponent; what is within one's duty or rights

sharp; smooth

quànencourage; try to persuade

huáprosperous; flashy

lie; for sleeping in

hǒushout; roar

wèitaste; distinguish the flavor

āipity; grieved

waan inflexion of 啊

shòusell; make something work

drink; drink alcohol

wéiall sides; enclose

chéngcity; city wall

stop up; wall

jìngborder; place


duplicate; compound

gòuquite; reach

yāngcenter; entreat

hàolike; be convenient

guest; traveller

yóuoutstanding; especially



shìmarket; buy or sell

tent; office of a commanding officer during a war

nòngplay/fool with; do

yǐndraw a bow; stretch out

xíngbody; form

guàistrange; wonder at

gǎnfeel; be grateful

admire; long for

mànslow; rude

chāocopy; plagiarize

táilift up; carry something with hands or shoulders

hang over; put up

shōuarrest; gain

chāngprosperous; appropriate

lǎnglight; loud and clear

withered; dried up


péngcanopy, awning or shelter of reed mats, etc.; shed

poison; poisonous

gōuditch; groove

yán沿edge; along

hóngbig; flood


lake; another name for Huzhou, a city in Zhejiang Province

tándeep pool; pit

zāidisaster; personal misfortune

chǎofry; roast while stirring

zhuàngform; state

kuángmad; violent

liúremain; study abroad/overseas

dīngstare at

yìnghard; unyielding

shéngod; supernatural


tóngchild; young servant

reply; reciprocate

yuērestrict; arrange

shāyarn; gauze

ràowind; move round

fèngseam; crack

shèngbe equal to; win

the ancient practice of sacrifices to the gods in the twelfth month of the lunar year; the twelfth lunar month


zhùoutstanding; show

bottle gourd




fēngwasp; bee

honey; honey-like things

xiánhold in the mouth; bear

huàword; talk about

tiáofit in perfectly; adjust

xièresign; decline

sàimatch; have a competition/contest

chèntaking advantage of; possess

dìngnail; sew on

shop; plank bed

fēngthe sharp point or cutting edge of a sword, etc.; vanguard

cuògrindstone for polishing jade; polish jade

border; inside

xiànbound; restrict

yǐnhide from view; latent

nàndisaster; take to task


jiāngsupport; take care of

sǎosweep; eliminate