Yu Wen Grade 2(A)

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in Yu Wen Grade 2(A).

lack; tired

leused to indicate anticipated or assumed action

lean on/against; depend/rely on


dǎofall; collapse

cuīurge; speed up

xiānfirst; earlier

guāscrape; plane

xiāopare the surface layer of an object sideways with a knife; chop

cut; separate

distinguish; area

take into account; catch up


diéfold; pile up

lìngother; in addition


míngname; give a name

inhale; absorb

yuánperson engaged in some field of activities; member

tuáncircular; roll

jiǎngreward; reward

wánintact; complete

fēngboundary; in imperial times, confer upon

jìnfinish; reach the limit

cénglayer; a component part in a sequence

chuānplain; Sichuan Province

cloth; a copper coin in ancient times

width of cloth, silk; size

bìngcombine; be side by side

dànpellet; shell

lǎnlazy; sluggish

bàoreport; newspaper

jǐngsituation; view

cáopeople of the same kind; department of government under the monarch

cháocourt; dynasty

make an appointment; term

shùbind; control

zhùpillar; object shaped like a column

ladder; shaped like a staircase

lóustoreyed building; floor

desire; wish

zhǐstop; close

hànsweat; Extract moisture by roasting it over a fire

shāsand; hoarse

yángocean; vast

rùnmoisten; smooth

huáslide; slippery

gǔnroll; go/get away


dēnglight; apparatus used to give heat by burning liquid or gas

stove; heat

yānsmoke; mist


leopard cat; yellow weasel

huánring; link


qínqin, a seven-stringed plucked instrument in some ways similar to the zither; general name for certain musical instruments

shěngleave out; save

kǎnslash; reduce

xiùput forth flowers or ears; elegant


chēngweigh; call


bènstupid; clumsy

děngequal; class

zhānstick; glue

zāodregs; pickle food with wine or grains

jǐntight; firm


xiàn线thread; line

jiānshoulder; take on

kěnagree; be willing to

bitter; painful

dàngswing; loaf about


grape; Portugal

suīdespite the fact that; even though

dànegg; an egg-shaped thing

discuss; criticize

lùnopinion; discussion


xiángdetailed; give details

xīnhard; hot

yáodistant; distant

part; unit

suānsour; grieved

zhòngweight; weighty

liàngcapacity; quantity


tiěferrum; weapon

guōpot; bowl

shut; obstruct

wénhear; news

éforehead; top part of something

non-Han nationalities living in the north and west in ancient times; introduced from abroad or by ethnic groups living in northern and western parts of China

hǒngfool; coax


mud; mashed mass