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    adj.cold; chilly

    • wǒ jué de lěng


      I feel cold.

    • wǒ hē lěng shuǐ

      I drink cold water.

    • jīn tiān hěn lěng


      It's cold today.

  • 2

    adj.unfrequented; deserted; out-of-the-way

    • lěng pì


    • lěng qīng

      cold and dreary

    • lěng jì


  • 3

    v.dialcold (in manner); frosty

    • tā tài du hěn lěng


      He looked on coldly.

    • tā lěng lěng de kàn le wǒ yī yǎn


      He shot me a cold look.

    • tā duì lái fǎng zhě lěng lěng de tài du shǐ dà jiā hěn shēng qì


      His coldness towards visitors made everyone angry.

  • 4

    adj.unpopular; unwelcome; neglected; receiving little attention

    • lěng mén

      unexpected winner

  • 5

    adj.strange; rare; unusual; esoteric

    • lěng zì

      unfamiliar word

  • 6

    adj.sudden; unexpected; shot from hiding; done in secret

    • fàng lěng qiāng

      fire sniper's shot

    • lěng jiàn

      unexpected arrow shot

  • 7

    adj.metalose heart; disheartened; disappointed

    • xīn huī yì lěng

      be disheartened

  • 8

    n.Leng, a surname

Words and phrases with 冷

  • 冷落
    [word]treat coldly; desolate
  • 冷凝器
  • 冷门
    [word]unpopular specialty; profession, trade or branch of learning that receives little attention
  • 冷色
    [word]cool/cold colour
  • 冷轧
    [word]cold rolling
  • 冷库
    [word]cold storage
  • 冷水澡
    [word]cold bath
  • 冷场
    [word]awkward silence on the stage when an actor enters late or forgets his lines; be met with awkward silence at a meeting
  • 冷宫
    [word]a palace where a queen or imperial concubine fallen into disgrace was sent to live; storage place for unused things
  • 冷眼旁观
    [idiom]look on coldly
  • 冷若冰霜
    [idiom]as cold as ice
  • 冷嘲热讽
    [idiom]freezing irony and burning satire
  • 冷暖自知
    [idiom]know by oneself whether it is cold or warm
  • 冷水浇头
    [idiom]dampen somebody's enthusiasm
  • 冷眼相待
    [idiom]eat mutton cold
  • 冷言冷语
    [idiom]ironical remarks
  • 冷血动物
    [idiom]cold-blooded animal; unfeeling person
  • 冷冷清清

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