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  • 1

    num.six (sum of five plus one); sixth; (refer to 数字); 6

    • yī jiā wǔ děng yú liù


      One plus five is six.

    • wǒ yǐ jīng liù tiān méi jiàn guo tā le


      I haven't seen him in six days.

    • wǒ zhǐ shèng liù yuán le

      I only have six yuan left.

  • 2

    n.a note of the scale in gongchepu, corresponding to 5 in numbered musical notation; the fifth note in gongche musical notation; (refer to 工尺)

Words and phrases with 六

  • 六朝文
    [word]six dynasties prose
  • 六合彩
    [word]Mark Six
  • 六欲
    [word]six sensory desires
  • 六艺
    [word]the six subjects of ancient Chinese education: rites, music, archery, charioteering, reading and writing, and arithmetic; the Six Classics: The Book of Songs, The Classic of Documents, The Book of Rites, The Book of Music, The Book of Changes, and The Spring and Autumn Annals
  • 六经
    [word]six pairs of channels
  • 六折
    [word]forty percent discount
  • 六神
    [word]state of mind
  • 六指儿
    [word]six-fingered hand or six-toed foot; person with a six-fingered hand/foot
  • 六六六
    [word]benzene hexachloride
  • 六宫粉黛
    [idiom]empress, imperial concubines and maids
  • 六畜兴旺
    [idiom]The domestic animals are all thriving.
  • 六根清净
    [idiom]the six roots of sensations are pure and clean
  • 六尺之孤
    [idiom]orphan under fifteen years old
  • 六朝金粉
    [idiom]gaiety and splendour of the aristocratic life of Six Dynasties; women's cosmetics and adornments
  • 六月飞霜
    [idiom]miscarriage of justice
  • 六亲不认
    [idiom]disown all one's relatives and friends; be committed to public welfare/interest with no attempt to seek personal gains
  • 六道轮回
    [idiom]the six great divisions in the wheel of karma
  • 六神无主
    [idiom]all six vital organs fail to function-be perplexed/stupefied

Word usage

  • Note
    "六" is written as "陆" on cheques, banknotes, etc to avoid mistakes or alterations.

Similar-form characters to 六

Chinese Characters with pinyin liù

  • six
  • walk leisurely; walk
  • rapid/swift current; rainwater from the roof
  • saunter