YCT level I

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in Youth Chinese Test Level 1.

one; another

seven; a Chinese custom to hold a memorial service on every 7th day following a person's death until the 49th day

sānthree; more than two

not; used to reply in the negative

used before nouns without fixed measure words of their own; used between a verb and its object

gè zi个子stature; bale

jiǔnine; many

èrdifferent; two

five; a note of the scale in gongchepu, corresponding to 6 in numbered musical notation

shén me什么what; something

jīn tiān今天today; now

he or him; other

you; one

eight; eighth

liùa note of the scale in gongchepu, corresponding to 5 in numbered musical notation; six

how many; a few

shíten; topmost

depart; be apart from in space or time

kǒumouth; one's taste

jiàocry; call

hàocall; transmit

chīeat; eat

maparticle used at the end of an interrogative sentence; used within a sentence to mark a pause before introducing the theme of what one is going to say

harmonious; gentle

gē ge哥哥elder brother; elder male relative of the same generation

nǎ r哪儿where; wherever

shāng diàn商店shop

xǐ huan喜欢like; happy

drink; drink alcohol

four; note in the Chinese gongchepu scale

zàiexist; join or belong to an organization

duōmuch; exceed the expected/intended quantity

big; heavy

tóu fa头发hair on a human head

her; reference to something beloved, such as one's motherland and national flag

mā ma妈妈mom; mother

jiě jie姐姐elder sister; girl or woman who is of the same generation but older in age

xué xiào学校school

xiǎosmall; of short duration

suìyear; year


self; one

wǒ men我们we; I

shǒuhand; person skilled in something

míng tiān明天tomorrow; the near future

xīng qī星期week; day of the week

shìthis; yes

yuèthe moon; month

yǒuexist; have

shuǐwater; a general term for rivers, lakes, seas, etc.

diǎnspot; dot stroke

àilove; cherish

bà ba爸爸dad

gǒudog; damned

xiàn zài现在the moment

deused to indicate a modifying and modified relationship

kànsee; consider

yǎn jing眼睛eye

mǐ fàn米饭rice

lǎo shī老师teacher

ěr duo耳朵ear

píng guǒ苹果apple

rèn shi认识know; understanding

shuísame as 谁

zhè r这儿here; now

nà r那儿that place; since then

chánglong; length

gāotall; height

gāo xìng高兴happy; be happy/willing/glad to

fish; a surname

niǎobird; penis

bí zi鼻子nose

niú nǎi牛奶cow's milk

māocat; hide oneself

miàn tiáo面条noodles

zhōng guó rén中国人Chinese

hǎogood; friendly