HSK level V

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in HSK level 5.

silk; threadlike thing

lack; tired

xiǎngenjoy; #$

wěitall and big; great

like; seem

shìbe like

chànginitiate lead

xiōngelder brother; elder male relative of the same generation


bīngweapons; troops

attack; touch


shìpower; omentum

qíndiligent; work

lie; for sleeping in

juànvolume; book

assess; talk

wéionly; yes

sǎngthroat; voice

earth; ground

tǎnwide and smooth; candid

nàideal with; how

wěientrust; committee member

wēiimpressive strength; threaten by force

xiàofilial piety; mourning

宿pass/spend a night; long-standing

shòu寿long; life

shèshoot; spout

shàoyoung; son of a rich family

shàngesteem; set great store by

wěitail; one of the 28 constellations into which the celestial sphere was divided in ancient Chinese astronomy

house; inner room


xíngbody; form

zhēnggo on a journey; levy

rěnbear; bring oneself to

consider; long for

zhànengage in war; battle

shànfan; leaf

tóucast; put in

quánfist; curl

tiǎopoke; bring into the open

sǔndecrease; harm

sōulook for; search

shètake a photograph of; act for

shuāifall; hurtle down

wèithe eeighth of the 12 Earthly Branches; not yet

quánsliding/steelyard weight; power

róusoft; soften

shūcomb; comb one's hair

chess or any board game; chess piece


military; of attack and defence

shūdie; different

háofine long hair; writing brush

táorinse; comb second-hand markets for something to buy

tānbeach; shoal

desert; unconcerned

ránburn; ignite

zhuàngform; state


shuàicommand; follow

lüèsummary; strategy

tòngache; sadness

miánsleep; dormant

shírock; stone inscription

shéngod; supernatural

private; selfish

wěnsteady; staid

suǒthick rope or chain; search

gāngthe headrope of a fishing net; outline

luònet-like things; subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy, blood and nutriment circulate

end of a silk thread; remnants

shéngrope; restrict

wéitie up; maintain

chóusilk fabric

suōcontract; draw back

chángintestines; sausage

xiéflank; coerce

zànginternal organs

shěgive up; give alms

shèhouse; pen

yàngorgeous; amorous

jiànstraw mat; grass


wèisay; call

tiēpaste; keep close to

shǎnggrant a reward; reward

tend towards; cater to

jiàntrample; act on

fǎncome/go back

wéidisobey; part

tòupass/seep/ooze/osmose through; tell secretly

liànchain; enchain

xiāomelt; cancel

shǎnduck; be shaken

xiànbound; restrict


zàicarry; be filled with

basuffixes of word which is attached to certain words to form a disyllabic noun