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    num.eight; a numeral that is the result of seven plus one; 8

    • zhè tiáo yú bā gōng jīn zhòng


      The weight of this fish is eight kilos.

    • zhè lǐ yī gòng yǒu bā gè bān


      There are eight classes.

    • tā jiā yǒu bā kǒu rén

      There are eight people in his family.

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    • nǐ shì dì bā gè jìn lái de rén


      You're the eighth person to come in.

    • zài zhè cì bǐ sài zhōng tā shì dì bā míng


      In this race, he was the eighth.

    • zhè shì tā mǎi de dì bā zhī qiān bǐ


      This is the eighth pencil he has bought.

Words and phrases with 八

  • 八方
    [word]the eight points of the compass
  • 八月
    [word]August; the eighth month of the lunar year
  • 八音
    [word]musical sound produced by ancient instruments of eight different materials; the sound produced by all kinds of instruments
  • 八宝
    [word]eight treasures; eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism: the parasol, two golden fish, conch shell, lotus blossom, banner of victory, vase, Dharma Wheel, eternal knot
  • 八卦
    [word]a set of symbolic signs created by ancient Chinese; absurd
  • 八法
    [word]eight therapeutic methods
  • 八节
    [word]eight solar terms (usually including the Beginning of Spring, Spring Equinox, Beginning of Summer, Summer Solstice, Beginning of Autumn, Autumn Equinox, Beginning of Winter, and Winter Solstice
  • 八位
  • 八股文
    [word]eight-part essay
  • 八拜之交
    [idiom]sworn brotherhood/sisterhood
  • 八面威风
    [idiom]be arrogantly impressive in bearing
  • 八面玲珑
    [idiom]description of large, bright windows
  • 八斗之才
    [idiom]a man of great talent
  • 八仙过海
    [idiom]Each displays one's own talents or skills to outwit others.
  • 八方呼应
    [idiom]cooperation from all parties/sides
  • 八抬大轿
    [idiom]eight-bearer sedan

Word usage

  • Note
    "八" is written as "捌" on cheques, banknotes, etc to avoid mistakes or alterations.

Similar-form characters to 八

Chinese Characters with pinyin

  • crackling; bar
  • hope earnestly; cling to
  • a fragrant plant
  • scar; something that resembles a scar
  • cake