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  • 1

    v.drape over one's shoulder; wrap around one's upper body

    • tā pī zhe dǒu peng


      He wears a cloak.

    • tā shì pī zhe yáng pí de láng


      He is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

    • xiāng cūn pī le lǜ zhuāng


      The countryside is greening up.

  • 2; spread out; unroll

    • pī juàn

      open a book

  • 3

    v.crack/split (open)

    • zhè gēn zhú gān pī le


      The bamboo rod has split.

Words and phrases with 披

  • 披厦
    [word]same as 披屋
  • 披缝
  • 披靡
    [word]be swept by the wind; be routed
  • 披甲
    [word]put on a suit of armour
  • 披读
    [word]open and read
  • 披挂上阵
    [word]buckle on one's armour and go into battle
  • 披上
  • 披搭
  • 披方
  • 披坚执锐
    [idiom]buckle on one's armour and take up weapons - go forth to battle
  • 披沙拣金
    [idiom]select the essence from a mass of dross
  • 披荆斩棘
    [idiom]break through brambles and thorns; overcome all hardships that may occur in the course of one's career
  • 披星戴月
    [idiom]work from morning until night; travel day and night
  • 披麻戴孝
    [idiom]be dressed in the coarse hempen cloth of mourning
  • 披红戴花
    [idiom]wearing red silk ribbons and red flowers pinned on one's dress
  • 披枷带锁
    [idiom]be manacled and cangued
  • 披麻带孝
    [idiom]be in sackcloth and ashes
  • 披肝沥胆
    [idiom]unbosom oneself

Similar-form characters to 披

Chinese Characters with pinyin

  • reply officially to a petition; slap
  • chop; right against one's face, chest, etc.
  • a base ready to be machined into a finished product; adobe
  • strike
  • used as a component of 噼里啪啦