HSK level III

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in HSK level 3.

liǎofinish; completely

in; with regard to

biàn便handy; informal

jiànhealthy; strengthen

diǎnstandard work of scholarship; regulations

màorise up; run a risk

bīngfeel cold from contact with cold things; ice

juécertainly; decide the final result

jìngclean; make clean

nearly; small table

guāscrape; plane

jiāput one thing on top of another; put in

put forth; protrude

huàchange; melt

dānsingle; thin

previous; one by one

cānenter; consult

biànbecome different; change in nature or state

sentence; measure word for sentences

shǐhistory; official in charge of historical records

yuángarden; a place for public recreation

chart; draw

the earth; land

chéngcity; city wall

jìngborder; place

duplicate; compound

hūnwed; marriage

son and daughter; person

the fourth or youngest among brothers; end of a period/an era

dìngcalm; fix

hàievil; harmful

reside; house

shìmarket; buy or sell

màoheadgear; cap-like cover for something

kāngwell-being; broad

dāngequal; work as

xīnheart; mind

certainly; have to

be afraid of; be unable to bear

gǎnfeel; be grateful

chéngachievement; in considerable numbers or amounts

huòsomeone; maybe

cáitalent; capable/talented person

protect; be partial to

dāncarry on a shoulder pole; shoulder

occupy; depend/rely on

reason; so

jīnax; jin, a unit of weight

bǎnboard; clappers

chácheck; investigate

ladder; shaped like a staircase

jiǎncheck up; restrain oneself


the Yellow River; natural or artificial stream of water flowing in a channel

liànsmelt; test

shāoburn; heat up or use certain chemicals, radioactive substances to cause changes in a substance

ránright; so

thing; other people

huánring; link

cut the jade from the ore; manage

eye; look

ceremony; courtesy

reply; reciprocate


jiǎnsimple; simplify

suàncalculate; include

xiāngchest; anything in the shape of a box


level; grade

liànwhite silk; boil and scour raw silk

jiétie; knot

twist hempen thread; accomplishment

zhěone who;

ěrear; any ear-like thing

cōngfaculty of hearing; acute of hearing

jiénode; joint

jiēstreet; country fair

shānunlined upper garment; clothes in general

chènline; inside


jiědivide; undo

discuss; criticize

record; remember

word; speech

tiáofit in perfectly; adjust

chāoexceed; go beyond

yíngmeet; meet face to face

chíslow; late

yóupost; postal

línneighbor; neighboring

tiěferrum; weapon


attach; get close to

await; have to

fēngwind; practice

huángyellow; the Yellow River

sǎosweep; eliminate

kōngempty; sky

gānshield; a surname