HSK level IV

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in HSK level 4.

qiějust; for a long time

fēngabundant; great

chéngride; avail oneself of

each other

qīnparents; relative

hand/turn over

zhòngnumerous; multitude

chuánpass; bequeath


gōngmerit; effect


big; abundant

yìnprint; conform

tīngoffice; hall

lavatory; mingle with

chúchef; kitchen

fǎnin reverse;reverse

close; join

fǒudeny; nay


stop up; wall

shìbachelor; intelligentsia

chùplace; department

háncold; be stricken with terror

dǎolead; conduct

zhǎnopen up; prolong

chāidispatch; job

bìngcombine; be side by side

guǎng广broad; numerous


ancient Chinese standards of setting the pitch; law


huái怀bosom; yearn for

nǎobe angry; annoyed


jīngbe frightened; alarm

yángraise; short for Yangzhou

rǎodisturb; trespass on somebody's hospitality

zhébreak; die

chōutake something out from within something else; take

zhāobeckon; enlist

broadcast; seed

gǎichange; correct

miscellaneous; mix

cáitimbe; material

sōngpine; slack

àntable; wooden saucer for serving meals

gàigeneral idea; manner


jiāngriver; the Chang Jiang/Yangtze River

yángocean; vast

hǎisea; a great number of people or things gathering together

yǎnperform; drill

yānsmoke; mist

fánrestless; be tired of

father; male relative of a senior generation

páiboard; brand

qiúball; ball sport

be not sure if it is true or not; suspect

dēngascend; publish


a sign or thing indicating number; an instrument used to indicate number

chéngrule; order


tóngchild; young servant

tally given by a ruler to a general or envoy as credentials; symbol

guǎntube; wind instrument

book; native place

rough; wide

yuērestrict; arrange

xiūshy; make somebody feel ashamed

liánunite; antithetical couplet

belly; heart

hángboat; navigate

guīinstrument for drawing circles; rule

count; total


chéngsincere; sincerity

incorrect; mistake

diàomove; investigate

carry on the back or shoulder; shoulder

demand; accuse


money and goods; expenses

shìfit; right

fast; speed

part; unit

chóngrepeat; overlap

zhēnneedle; needle-like things

jiànbolt; a device, usually a rectangular steel piece, inserted in prefabricated grooves to lock together mechanical parts, such as shafts and gears or belt pulleys

border; inside

cāneat; food

bǐnga round flat cake; something in the shape of a cake

drum; drum-like

dàngappropriate; be equal to

kuǎnsincere; leisurely


get; fit


guānlook; sight