HSK level IV

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in HSK level 4.

yánstrict; tight

pīngping; table tennis


inferior; Asia

réngremain; yet

rènundertake; assume a post

huǒgroup of ten soldiers; partner

shānginjury; hurt


gōngsupply; provide certain convenience or support


hòuinquire after; observe

ǒuhuman figure made of wood or clay; partner

enrol; income

yǎngraise; support

kuàngcompare; besides

lièarrange; rank

pànpass a verdict; distinguish


wèidefend; security guard

wēiendanger; dying

press; cover

yànbe fed up with; be disgusted with

inhale; absorb

wèitaste; distinguish the flavor

mìnglifespan; command

shòusell; make something work

model; plastics

tiánfill; supplement

shīlose; miss

fèncheer up; rock

sūnson's son; relatives of the same generation as one's grandchildren

fēngboundary; in imperial times, confer upon

ěrso; that

qiǎoskilful; clever

xìngfortunately; good fortune

order; arrange in order

yìnggrant; suit

linear measure; degree of hardness, heat, density, humidity

yǐndraw a bow; stretch out

wēitiny; profound

tàiform; voice

xìngnature; property

breath; rest

detailed; all

admire; long for

xiàofollow the example of; devote to

sàndisperse; distribute


nuǎnwarm; warm up

línforest; forestry


sēnfull of trees; multitudinous

xiàngoak; rubber tree

dirt; dirty

shāsand; hoarse

zhōucontinent; sand bar

xiāodisappear;pass in a leisurely way

wēnlukewarm; temperature

shúcooked; ripe

shènvery; exceed

shēnextend; state

yángrind; study


quèfirm; true

shèagency; people's commune

good fortune; make a curtsy

shāoa little

kòngleave empty or blank; unoccupied

zhāngchapter; order

discipline; age

thin; in small particles

quēlack; be incomplete

xiànadmire; superfluous

liáomerely; a little

skin; superficial and shallow


gāofat; cream

zhìarrive; best


grape; Portugal

dàibag; used for pipe smoking


tǎorule; send armed forces to suppress

lùnopinion; discussion


xiángdetailed; give details

bàidestroy; fail

huòmoney; goods

xīnhard; hot

yāoinvite; solicit

capital; big city

liàngcapacity; quantity


duìa row of people; team

xiǎndangerous; perilous/treacherous place

suífollow; along with

shùnobey; along with

praise; promise

xīngget up; call into action