HSK level IV

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in HSK level 4.

beautiful; attach oneself to

zhēngcontend; dispute

jiàprice; value

kind; precedent

àoarrogant; proud and unyielding

miǎndismiss; avoid

utensil; provide

jiǎnsubtract from the total or a certain number; decrease

sharp; smooth

theatrical work; acute

distinguish; area

assume; at present

serious; rigorous

take into account; catch up


shòureceive; sustain

lìngother; in addition


used as a component of 垃圾

jiānhard; a heavily fortified point

used as a component of 垃圾

base; basic

jiǎngreward; reward

close; meticulous


jīna piece of cloth

jiànbuild; establish

cǎicolour; variety

liánpity; love

kǒngterrify; perhaps

cherish; feel sorry for somebody


resist; refuse

bàido/make obeisance; make a courtesy call

chíhold; maintain

shòuaward; teach

clan; nationality

already; since

jǐngsituation; view

shùmethod; art

tǒngtub; pailful

zhǐstop; close

mother; one's female elders

mínthe people; a member of a nationality

yóuoil; apply tung oil or paint

quánspring; mouth of a spring

huólive; save

liúflow; move from place to place

cross a river; aid

làngwave; unrestrained

mànoverflow; be all over the place

swash; sharp

kǎobake; warm oneself by a fire

bull's eye

kuàngore; ore deposit


jìnprohibit; imprison

branch of academic or vocational study; division/subdivision of an administrative unit

accumulate; long-standing

jiūstudy carefully; actually

jìngcompete; strong

jìngfinish; throughout

jīngrefined; perfect

tie; series

jǐntight; firm

lěiaccumulate; involve

juécut off; exhausted

inherit; follow

continuous; continue

měibeautiful; beautify

nàibe able to bear


féifat; fertile

kěnagree; be willing to

expression; scene

huòcatch; attain

luòfall; go/come down

consider; concern

jǐngwarn; alert


fèicost; fee

distance; be at a distance from

be fascinated by; be confused


shìexplain; dispel

jīnmetals; money

jìngmirror; optical device made of transparent material for aiding eyesight or optical experiments

jiàngdrop; reduce


jiāoproud; strong

yànprove effective through practice; examine


língage; length of time

huàdelimit; assign

tiger; brave

general name for hemp, flax, jute, etc.; fiber of hemp, flax, etc. for textile materials

liángcool; discouraged

jiāngsupport; take care of

jǐntry to reach the greatest extent; within the limits of

tōnglead to; through