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    v.resprequest; ask; beg; pray; solicit; petition; desire; please

    • qǐng tā jìn lái


      Ask her in.

    • néng bù néng qǐng nǐ bāng gè máng

      May I ask a favour of you?

    • tā qǐng lǎo shī bāng zhù tā


      She asked help from her teacher.

  • 2

    v.invite; ask; engage

    • shàng gè zhōu mò lǎo shī qǐng wǒ men qù tā jiā wán


      The teacher invited us to her home last weekend.

    • wǒ men qǐng gè lǜ shī ba


      Let's hire a lawyer.

    • zhōng wǔ wǒ qǐng nǐ men chī fàn


      I'll treat you to lunch.

Words and phrases with 请

  • 请安问好
    [word]give greetings
  • 请缨
    [word]request a cord from the emperor
  • 请调
    [word]apply/ask for a transfer
  • 请战书
    [word]written request for a battle assignment
  • 请客
    [word]stand treat
  • 请安
    [word]pay respects to somebody; salute by bending one's left knee and drooping one's right hand
  • 请降
    [word]beg to surrender
  • 请求
    [word]ask; request
  • 请命
    [word]plead on somebody's behalf; ask for instructions
  • 请君入瓮
    [idiom]have a taste of what you intended for others
  • 请自隗始
    [idiom]be willing to set oneself as an example to attract a bunch of worthies
  • 请客送礼
    [idiom]give dinners or send gifts in order to curry favour

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Chinese Characters with pinyin qǐng

  • qing; short while