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    • zhè liǎng jiān fáng jǐn ái zhe chú fáng


      The two rooms are next to the kitchen.

    • zhè běn shū wǒ kě yǐ jiè liǎng tiān ma


      May I borrow the book for two days?

    • wǒ qù guò běi jīng liǎng cì


      I have been to Beijing twice.

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    n.both sides

    • mó léng liǎng kě


      (of one's attitude, opinion) ambiguous

    • liǎng quán qí měi


      to the satisfaction of both parties

    • liǎng bù chī kuī


      Neither side suffers any loss.

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    num.some; a few

    • wǒ xiǎng yào jiǎng liǎng jù


      I'd like to say a few words.

    • guò liǎng tiān

      for a couple of days

    • liǎng bù lù jiù dào

      not very far away

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    measure worddatedliang, a unit of weight

    • sān liǎng chá yè


      three liang of tea

    • liǎng yín zi


      20 taels of silver


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  • Note
    1. "两" is different from "二". 1) Use "二" instead of "两" when read as a number or in mathematics, . 2) Use "二" instead of "两" in ordinal numbers, decimals, and fractions. 3) Before general quantifiers, use "两" instead of "二" for single digits, and use "二" instead of "两" for single digits in multiple digits. 4) Both "二" and "两" are available before the traditional unit of weight and measurement, but it is a special case that "二" is used instead of "两" before the mass unit "两". 5) Among multiple digits, "二" is used for hundreds, tens, and ones digits, and "两" is used for more than a thousand digits, but "二" is used for hundreds, thousands, and tens of thousands after the first. 2. "两" is different from "俩". "俩" is a consonant of "两个" , and no "个" or quantifier can be added after it.

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  • used as a component of 伎俩