Chinese Made Easy 1

Chinese textbooks
6 textbooks for the high school students or adult study Chinese.

shàng xué上学go to school; begin primary school

zhōng xué中学secondary school, include high school and middle school; a late Qing Dynasty term for Chinese traditional learning

zhōng xué shēng中学生high-school/middle-school student

rénhuman being; an adult human being

jīn nián今年this year

he or him; other

tā men他们they/them

zhùlive; stop

nǐ men你们you


xiōngelder brother; elder male relative of the same generation

xiōng di兄弟brothers; fraternal

gōngpublic; common

zàitwice; recur

zài jiàn再见goodbye


kǒumouth; one's taste

harmonious; gentle

gē ge哥哥elder brother; elder male relative of the same generation

what; whichever

nǎ r哪儿where; wherever

zuǐmouth; something like a mouth

zuǐ ba嘴巴mouth; area around the mouth

guócountry; of the nation

yuánround; circle

zàiexist; join or belong to an organization

wàioutside; of one's mother, sisters or daughters

wài gōng外公maternal grandfather

wài pó外婆maternal grandmother

dà xué大学university; The Great Learning

dà xué shēng大学生college or university student

tóuhead; hair

tóu fa头发hair on a human head

nǎi nai奶奶grandmother; respectful form of address for an elderly woman

her; reference to something beloved, such as one's motherland and national flag

mā ma妈妈mom; mother

mèi mei妹妹younger sister

jiě mèi姐妹elder sister and younger sister; elder sister and younger sister

jiě jie姐姐elder sister; girl or woman who is of the same generation but older in age

old woman; husband's mother


xuéstudy; imitate

xué shēng学生pupil; disciple


duìanswer; treat

xiǎosmall; of short duration

xiǎo míng小名pet name

xiǎo xué小学elementary school; philological studies

xiǎo xué shēng小学生primary pupil; small/little boy

dì di弟弟younger brother



yǒuexist; have

yàngshape; sample

méinot have; be without

méi yǒu没有be without; not so

yé ye爷爷grandfather; grandpa

bà ba爸爸dad

shòuthin; lean

yǎneye; small hole

yǎn jing眼睛eye


duǎnbrief; lack

ǎishort; low

ěrear; any ear-like thing

ěr duo耳朵ear


liǎnface; facial expression


háistill; also

zhèthis; this

that; that thing

dōuall; even

chánglong; length

zhǎnggrow; older

ā yí阿姨auntie; auntie

gāotall; height

nose; nose-like object

bí zi鼻子nose

zhōng guó中国China

é luó sī俄罗斯Russia

xiōng dì jiě mèi兄弟姐妹siblings

dé guó德国Germany

fǎ guó法国France

měi guó美国the United States of America

yīng guó英国Britain

xī bān yá西班牙Spain

zhōng guó rén中国人Chinese

dé guó rén德国人German

fǎ guó rén法国人French

měi guó rén美国人American

yīng guó rén英国人Briton

xī bān yá rén西班牙人Spanish

get; fit

basuffixes of word which is attached to certain words to form a disyllabic noun

hái méi还没have not yet

nín hǎo您好hello

xiǎo dì di小弟弟younger brother; penis

dà dì dì大弟弟the oldest younger brother

nǎ guó rén哪国人which country is somebody from