HSK level II

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in HSK level 2.

yī xià一下one time; in a short while

yī qǐ一起in the same place; together

zhàng fū丈夫man

wèi shén me为什么why

happy; enjoy

also; as well

xiū xi休息have a rest

body; body/mass

gōngpublic; common

gòngshare; common

zàitwice; recur

zhǔn bèi准备prepare; intend

be engaged in; affair


approve; can

yòu bian右边the right side

department; manage

gàoreport; inform

yuánperson engaged in some field of activities; member

used as a component of 咖啡

elder brother in a family or subfamily; a term of address for a male relative of one's own generation who is older than one

chàngsing; cry

fēiused as a component of 咖啡

wàioutside; of one's mother, sisters or daughters

big; heavy

nǎibreast; milk

mèisister; younger female of the same generation

marry a girl to; wife

shǐstart; begin

xìngone's surname is; surname


wánintact; complete

shìroom; Shi


xiǎo shí小时hour

zuǒ bian左边the left side

yǐ jīng已经already

xī wàng希望hope; hope

bāngside or upper; aid

chánglaw and order; regular pattern

chuángbed; bed-shaped implement

younger brother; younger male cousin

wǎnghead/leave for; toward

yì si意思meaning; opinion

fánghouse; room

zhǎolook for; approach

bàoreport; newspaper

jiàoteach; ask

xīnnew; unused

pángside; other

brigade; forces

zǎo shang早上morning

wǎn shang晚上night

zuìmost;number one

sing; melody

zhèng zài正在in process of

go on foot; follow


wash; baptize

yóuswim; rove around

yóu yǒng游泳swim; swimming

niúcattle; stubborn or arrogant

wánplay; object for appreciation

bìngdisease; fall ill

zhēntrue; really

yǎn jing眼睛eye


zhī dào知道be aware of

xiàosmile; ridicule

writing or drawing instrument; technique of writing, calligraphy or drawing

auxiliary word for ordinal numbers; mansion/residence of a high official

zhǐpaper; bank notes of the dead

shàocarry on; a place in Zhejiang Province

kǎogive or take a test or quiz; exam

yàomedicine; cure with medicine

dànegg; an egg-shaped thing

xī guā西瓜watermelon; fruit of this plant

yàomain points; important

juéwake; become aware/awakened

zǒurun; walk

shēnbody; life

biānside; edge

yùn dòng运动movement; motion

yuǎnfar away; distant in relationship

qiānlead; black lead

wènask; ask after

wèn tí问题questions; problem

yīnovercast; shade

xuěsnow; snow-like

yán sè颜色color;action taken to warn or punish somebody

guǎnaccommodation for guests; embassy

fish; a surname

chicken; prostitute

jièlie between; take seriously

yáng ròu羊肉mutton

chǎngplace used for a particular purpose; site

serve; convince

pǎorun; walk

jiānspace between; within a definite time or space