Yu Wen Grade 1(A)

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in Yu Wen Grade 1(A).

chuànstring together; string

wèisupport; for

jiǔfor a long time; a specified duration

crow; a surname

liàngbright; loud and clear

shénused as a component of 什么

use; because of

sǎnumbrella; umbrella-shaped object

zhùlive; stop

hòuinquire after; observe


quáncomplete; whole

gōngpublic; common

xiěwrite; compose

how many; a few

chūproceed from inside to outside; appear

dàoarrive; thoughtful

bàndo; buy/purchase supplies

jiāput one thing on top of another; put in

doctor; cure

bànhalf; halfway

chǎnghouse without walls with its roof propped up by posts; depot

cānenter; consult

yòurepeatedly; also

shūa form of address for a man slightly younger than one's father; a form of address for a man slightly younger than one's father

biànbecome different; change in nature or state

xiàngturn towards; towards

maparticle used at the end of an interrogative sentence; used within a sentence to mark a pause before introducing the theme of what one is going to say

baused at the end of an imperative sentence to soften the tone; indicate a suggestion, request, or order


harmonious; gentle

elder brother in a family or subfamily; a term of address for a male relative of one's own generation who is older than one

huícircle; turn around

chùplace; department

jiěelder sister; woman of the same generation who is older than oneself

baby; young and pretty girl


gōngworker; work

sixth of the Heavenly Stems; oneself

shītutor; model

younger brother; younger male cousin

dāngequal; work as

cǎicolour; variety



kuàihurry up; pleased

chéngachievement; in considerable numbers or amounts

cáitalent; capable/talented person

zhǎolook for; approach

guàhang; be concerned about

fàngset free; give way to

fāngshape with four right angles; place

pángside; other

shíseason; current

gèngfurther; more

zuìmost;number one

go on foot; follow

méinot have; be without

law; standard

dònghole; clear

huólive; save

hǎisea; a great number of people or things gathering together

diǎnspot; dot stroke

crawl; climb

father; grandfather

tooth; ivory

wánplay; object for appreciation

yònguse; use

zhēntrue; really



chuān穿penetrate; pass

zhúbamboo; woodwind instrument

xiàosmile; ridicule

gěigive; make somebody suffer

qúngroup; multitudinous

lǎoold; old people

self; from

bud; any object that looks like a sprout

lánblue; indigo plant

clothing; coating

yàomain points; important

juéwake; become aware/awakened


bèimollusc; cowry used as money in ancient times

guòcross; after

jìnmove ahead; get into

that; that thing

jīnmetals; money

wènask; ask after

yuàncourtyard; a designation for certain government offices and public places

gāotall; height


praise; promise


launch; send out

tóngsame; be the same as

serve; convince

kōngempty; sky

绿green; turn green