Yu Wen Grade 1(A)

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in Yu Wen Grade 1(A).

line of business; occupation

dōngeast; host

beautiful; attach oneself to


shūwrite; style of calligraphy

jīnnow; of today

cóngfollow; join

zhòngnumerous; multitude

zuòget up; write

guāndoor bolt; shut

dōngwinter; rat-tat

dāosomething shaped like a knife; one hundred sheets of paper

qiánmove forward; front

power; force

bāowrap; pack

běinorth; be defeated

shēngascend; promote

noon; the seventh of the twelve Earthly Branches

depart; be apart from in space or time

yǒuhaving friendly relations; be on good terms with

shuāngpair; even

fǎnin reverse;reverse


approve; can

yòuright side; west

hòubehind; after

tīngheed; judge

guócountry; of the nation

shēngsound; make a sound

xiàsummer; Xia Dynasty

duōmuch; exceed the expected/intended quantity

nü in ancient Chinese astronomy); female

it; [used as a meaningless mock object]

jiāntiny end; point

chéndust; this world

jiùcome near; undertake

chǐChinese unit of measurement equal to a foot or about 1/3 of a metre; ruler

wěitail; one of the 28 constellations into which the celestial sphere was divided in ancient Chinese astronomy

zuǒthe left side; east

niánharvest; year

kāiopen; open out

wāncurved; bend

yǐngshadow; reflection

xīnheart; mind

flag; "Eight Banners"

not have; no

zǎomorning; good morning

míngbright; sight

chūnspring; a year

zuóyesterday; the past

wǎnevening; late

yǒuexist; have

péngfriend; gang up with

tree; timber

běnstem or root of plants; original


tiáotwig; long narrow piece

láiarrive; future

línforest; forestry

guǒfruit; result

xiàoschool; field grade officer

táofruit of the peach tree; walnut

sēnfull of trees; multitudinous

sing; melody

zhèngstraight; in the centre

compare; close together

niúcattle; stubborn or arrogant

gǒudog; damned

nánman; son

duǎnbrief; lack

stand; erect

writing or drawing instrument; technique of writing, calligraphy or drawing

hóngred; red cloth, bunting, etc. used on festive occasions

měibeautiful; beautify

expression; scene

píngused as a component of 苹果

liánlotus; lotus seeds


西west;the occident

shuōspeak; explain

examine; learn or give a lecture

shuísame as 谁

rise; remove

biānside; edge

jìnnear; approaching

háistill; also

yuǎnfar away; distant in relationship

cǎipick; extract

chánglong; length

qīngblue or green; black

fish; a surname


huángyellow; the Yellow River

hēiblack; dark

hope earnestly; cling to

māocat; hide oneself

zhōngcentre; in

hǎogood; friendly

shǎofew; be short of

hold; handle