Yu Wen Grade 1(B)

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in Yu Wen Grade 1(B).

lift; start

happy; enjoy

luàndisorderly; confuse

at a short distance from the ground; hang down

xìntrue; trustworthy

piāninclining to one side; partial

xiàngbe like; portrait

guāngray; bright


volume; copy

fēnseparate; distribute

yǒngbrave; temporary recruits in times of war during the Qing Dynasty

be equal to; single

qiānthousand; a great amount/number of

dānsingle; thin

yuánoriginal; raw

howl; the sound of wind etc.

hǎnshout; call

zuǐmouth; something like a mouth

kuàichunk; piece

wàioutside; of one's mother, sisters or daughters

evening; grow dark

orphaned; orphan

reside; house

dàibelt; take

chuángbed; bed-shaped implement

zuòstand; constellation

wǎnghead/leave for; toward

wēitiny; profound

niànthink of; consider

ignore; suddenly


consider; long for

fast; anxious

zǒngassemble; total

play; make fun of

zhāobeckon; enlist

take; seize

tiāocarry things on either end of a shoulder pole; choose

zhuōhold; catch

occupy; depend/rely on

páiarrange; row

carry; lift

zhībranch; the twelve Earthly Branches

reason; so

gǎnhave the courage; brave

sàndisperse; distribute

wànglook/gaze into the distance; plenilune

jiàframe; prop up

die; desperately

the Yellow River; natural or artificial stream of water flowing in a channel

sprinkle; descend in scattered drops or particles

jiāoirrigate; pour liquid on

zhàoilluminate; sunshine

single; old people without offspring

qiúball; ball sport

be not sure if it is true or not; suspect

zhístraight; straighten

méieyebrow; the top margin of a page

zhīknow; knowledge


nest; hideout

duānend; beginning

lánbasket; basket

rice; shelled or husked seed

zòngpyramid-shaped dumpling made of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves

shéngrope; restrict

feather; wings

ròumeat; pulp

belly; heart

dǎngallbladder; courage

neck; something shaped like a neck

jiǎofoot; base

tuǐleg; leglike support

arm; the upper arm in anthropometry

jiénode; joint

cánghide; store


tíngused as a component of 蜻蜓

qīngused as a component of 蜻蜓

xínggo; something about travelling

qúnskirt; skirt-like object

jiǎngspeak; as far as something is concerned

dòubeans; an ancient stemmed cup or bowl

gēnfollow; heel

tiàojump; bounce

shēnbody; life

liàngmeasure word of vehicle

yùntransport; move

liánlink; involve

be fascinated by; be confused

zàomake; cook up

línneighbor; neighboring

dōuall; even

qiānlead; black lead

jìngmirror; optical device made of transparent material for aiding eyesight or optical experiments

jìngstill; serene

nose; nose-like object

jiānspace between; within a definite time or space