Zhong wen 1

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Vocabulary of Zhong wen 1.

used before nouns without fixed measure words of their own; used between a verb and its object

zhōng wén中文Chinese language

wèi shén me为什么why

shūwrite; style of calligraphy

shū bāo书包satchel

leused to indicate anticipated or assumed action

he or him; other

you; one

you; one

nǐ men你们you

xiàngbe like; portrait


gōngpublic; common

gōng yuán公园park

lánorchid; lily magnolia


dàoarrive; thoughtful

qiánmove forward; front

bāowrap; pack

approve; can

kě ài可爱lovable

tóng xué同学be a schoolmate of somebody; schoolmate

hòubehind; after

hòu mén后门back door of a house; backdoorism

harmonious; gentle

huícircle; turn around

yuángarden; a place for public recreation

wàioutside; of one's mother, sisters or daughters

dà jiā大家everybody; great master

dà mén大门entrance door

tàihighest; extreme

tài yáng太阳sun; sunlight

nǎibreast; milk

nǎi nai奶奶grandmother; respectful form of address for an elderly woman

her; reference to something beloved, such as one's motherland and national flag

hǎo kàn好看good looking; interesting

ma; aunt

mā ma妈妈mom; mother

the fourth or youngest among brothers; end of a period/an era

xuéstudy; imitate

xué xiào学校school

xué shēng学生pupil; disciple

wánintact; complete

duìanswer; treat

jiùcome near; undertake

shītutor; model

niánharvest; year

kāiopen; open out

kāi chē开车start; start a machine

self; one

fàngset free; give way to

fàng xué放学classes are over

wéncharacter; written language

zǎomorning; good morning

shìthis; yes

yǒuexist; have


línforest; forestry

xiàoschool; field grade officer

huān kuài欢快cheerful and light-hearted

yóuswim; rove around

crawl; climb

àilove; cherish

father; grandfather

yé ye爷爷grandfather; grandpa


bà ba爸爸dad

méia kind of jade

méi gui玫瑰rugosa rose; rose

deused to indicate a modifying and modified relationship

kànsee; consider

zhēntrue; really

gěigive; make somebody suffer

lǎoold; old people

lǎo shī老师teacher

zì yóu自由free; liberty

huāflower; ornamental plant

huā yuán花园garden


yàomain points; important

jiànsee; meet

chēvehicle; tool with wheel and axle

zhèthis; this

inside; inner

méndoor; something that opens and shuts

yángsun; the masculine or positive principle in nature

fēifly; flutter

gāotall; height

gāo xìng高兴happy; be happy/willing/glad to

chàng gē唱歌sing

shēnggive birth to; be born

huí jiā回家return home

xiào chē校车school bus


tóngsame; be the same as

hǎogood; friendly

hǎogood; friendly



hold; handle